What's Flipstik

Yes, it's good, but does it really stick?

Guess what? This awesome NASA-developed adhesive on the Flipstik can last for up to 1,000 applications! Imagine this: If you stick your phone to something cool twice a day, this super adhesive will keep going strong for around a year and a half. That's way longer than any phone case, and even longer than some smartphones last! And here's the best part: when it starts to feel less sticky, just give it a quick wipe with an alcohol pad, and bam! It's like brand new stickiness all over again!

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Face Yoga

Flipstik is perfect for Face Yoga practitioners. Its secure, hands-free support allows you to follow along with tutorials and exercises on your phone, enhancing your Face Yoga experience with ease and flexibility.



Content Creator

Flipstik is an essential tool for content creators. It offers hands-free convenience for filming and live streaming, opening up creative possibilities for unique angles and perspectives.




Flipstik is ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts looking to monitor and improve their form. Securely attach your phone to capture your movements, allowing you to analyze your performance and track progress over time. It's a perfect tool for refining technique and achieving sports excellence.




For those who love streaming shows and movies, Flipstik offers the ultimate convenience. Attach your phone to any surface for a hands-free viewing experience, enhancing your Netflix sessions or any streaming activity with comfort and ease. It's perfect for binge-watchers and film buffs alike.



Every Day Use

Flipstik is the ultimate companion for daily life, adaptable for use anytime, anywhere. Its kickstand feature is ideal for various needs, making it a versatile and ingenious accessory. Customers rave about its durability, noting its daily usefulness even after a year. The moment they switch phone cases, they miss the convenience of Flipstik. Truly, it’s an everyday essential for the modern lifestyle.


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Unlock the Versatility of Flipstik: Your Everyday Ally for Creativity, Productivity, and Entertainment

Innovative Technology

  • NASA-developed adhesive for unmatched grip.
  • Revolutionary design for everyday convenience.

Enhanced Productivity

  • Facilitates multi-tasking by holding your device hands-free.
  • Ideal for video calls, online learning, and remote work.

Lifestyle and Travel

  • A travel essential for capturing memories and navigating.
  • Compact for easy packing, usable in hotels, cars, and outdoors.

Creative Exploration

  • Unleashes creativity with unique photography angles.
  • Encourages innovative content creation and storytelling.

User-Friendly Design

  • Intuitive use, suitable for all ages and tech levels.
  • Effortless switch between portrait and landscape mode.
  • PopSockets

    • Greater Adhesion: Flipstik adheres to a wider range of surfaces, allowing for more versatile use compared to PopSockets.
    • Enhanced Functionality: Beyond just providing a grip or stand, Flipstik enables attaching the phone to various surfaces for hands-free use.
    • Longevity: Flipstik is designed for extended use, maintaining its adhesive quality longer than typical PopSockets.
    • Kickstand Feature: Flipstik also serves as a kickstand, offering additional utility not typically found in PopSockets.
  • Phone Cases with Ring Holders

    • Versatile Mounting: Flipstik attaches to almost any smooth surface, offering more flexibility than ring holders, which only aid in holding the phone.
    • Hands-Free Use: Flipstik allows for hands-free operation, a feature often limited in cases with ring holders.
    • Portability: Flipstik's compact design is more portable than bulky cases with rings.
    • Universal Application: Flipstik can be applied to any phone case, unlike ring holders that are typically fixed to specific cases.
  • Adhesive Silicone Strips

    • Reusability: Flipstik offers a durable, reusable adhesive surface, whereas silicone strips often lose their stickiness and need replacing.
    • Stronger Adhesion: Flipstik uses advanced adhesive technology, generally stronger and more reliable than basic silicone strips.
    • Beyond a Finger Holder: While silicone strips primarily improve phone grip, Flipstik also serves as a stand and attaches to various surfaces.
    • Design and Aesthetics: Flipstik boasts a more appealing and professional design compared to simple silicone strips.

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  • Remove the back film

  • Apply Flipstik to the phone case

  • Remove the film from the satae adhesive


Does Flipstik work on any surface?

Flipstik can be used on any flat and clean surface — including glass, plastic, brick, tiles, metal, leather, wood, and more. For maximum grip, always ensure the surface is flat and completely free from dirt & dust.

How long does a Flipstik last?

Thousands of uses! Just clean it with soap & water or alcohol wipes when it gets dirty. Flipstik's synthetic setae material is reusable and washable, so if it's not sticky, just clean it! Flipstik will last the average user a year or longer.

How strong is Flipstik?

Flipstik’s reusable “Synthetic Setae” adhesive, developed from NASA research based on the feet of geckos, can hold up to 2 lbs.

Will Flipstik work with my phone case?

Flipstik can be applied to any phone case. If Flipstik fits, then it sticks! Flipstik easily attaches to the back of your phone cover.

Does it work with wireless chargers?


What if my Flipstik gets dirty?

Clean your Flipstik with soap and water or an alcohol wipe. Flipstik's synthetic setae material is reusable and washable, so if it's not sticky, clean it!